Gotta Catch em All

imageNails for catching Pokemon. Got a Snorlax just after I got these. Love it! πŸ¦„β˜ΊοΈβ˜„


So Many Pokemon, So Little Time

What an odd feeling week this has been. Things are definitely on the move in one aspect of my life while in another it has been a total standstill. If you have read my about section you’ll know I have mental health issue with being bi polar. Unfortunately after 8 weeks on quite a high which helped me get my eating and exercise under control to lose approximately a stone in weight the stress/depression fairy smacked me straight in the head and said,’hell no Mrs Chapman! We can’t have that!’ So shortly after finishing my first half marathon I went into food will make me feel better/sleep on the couch mode. Bonus points to me for getting out of bed to go to work when all I wanted to do was crawl in a tinie tiny ball.

So, you ask yourself, what does this have to do with Pokemon? Well Let me tell you! Those lovely guys at Nintendo who made the console;which by going to friends and neighbour’s homes let me taste the epicness which was Super Mario and Duck hunt; have put out Pokemon Go available to UK residents Thursday! Hooray! Being as I am 35 and spent a lot of my misspent youth watching Pokemon I thought at the beginning of the week I would see what the fuss was about. ‘Beginning of the week you say, but you said it was only out on Thursday!?’ I know this much is true! Those crafty folks at Niantic released an apk download which let android users download before release date (and they wonder why the servers overloaded. What silly boys and girls!) Good news is once officially releases the App Store recognised it and did an update making it ‘official’ with no Pokemon or levels sacrificed. A total get in there moment. πŸ™‚

The point being that instead of being stuck in a rut in my bed Pokemon Go has got me walking around again even if it is to find that elusive Ponya or Clefairy (found them in the Glen by the way and yes I did a fist pump cause that’s how I roll). It was an epic win this morning as I got up; went to Pilates then parked at Tesco to take the long 40min detour round the Glen and Toon to hit all the Pokestops. By the way I would check one to see where it was and walk to it not looking at my phone and if it buzzed then I’d check for Pokemon. Clever feature those actual maps and silent alarms keeps ya from getting into trouble. Remember common sense folks. Common sense. While I was on my walks I saw a couple of squatties and some young adults playing but it was the squattie saying, ‘I bet I know what she’s doing’ that make me smile.

It is definitely the little things in life.

Tomorrow is a new day and with that a new Pokemon. I will get you Pikachu!