Day 19 and 20-My Weekend


Another day another workout or two. I did pilates in the morning and then a strength hiit workout in the evening hints all the sweat. I did however forget to stop the Band 2 at the end of my 40 minute workout so the extra is me cooking hot sauce wings and bolonese. Whoops. I bought some new makeup. Took down a Pokemon gym or two and filled out a few emails for school. Totally tired from that so I just went to bed.


Today however, was a mega busy day. First I put on my makeup. Using all the new stuff. If anyone cares I can post what I use on a day-to-day basis which is a mixture of high-end department store, Avon and drugstore makeup. I also ‘baked’ my under eye for the first time today. Hope it looks ok. I totally noticed that it was 9:05 am once I was ready. Oops! Nail appointment at 9:30am. I rushed to town (not speeding…..) and made it just in time to get these lovely mauve unicorn chrome nails. Beautiful. If your ever in Dunfermline the ladies at Nail Creations are lovely. These are by Amy.

After this I had to rush home as we had another appointment at Cluny Clays to do archery with Miss V. Just made it to this on time with my stellar driving again. Archery was amazing and out of the family I won. Get in! Miss V did very well and gives archery a thumbs up but with a pre teen ‘yay’. Not much enthusiasm with this one but she wants to try a course to get better. Another round at the driving range again and a lot of calories burned. Exercise for the day. Tick. We are booked in for a tutoring session next week so that we get a good grounding in actually playing the game. They are going to video my swing. Oh Jebus. What have I gotten myself into?!

Tomorrow a new makeup kit by NikkieTutorials launches at Debenhams. I am totally on that. The Power of Makeup kit by Too Faced. It’s £50 of loveliness. I am looking forward to having something new to play with :), If anyone wants a video ask and I will provide. Anywho, I have a ton of stuff to do before bed including starting on a sweater or something for my almost three-year old niece. Not much in the way of down period in regards to my bipolar. A wee bit of anxiety from going to college for the first time in ages but no tears, etc. Every day is another challenge.

Keep Getting Up!

Tomorrow is Another Day!



Day 18-New Beginnings


So this is what I looked like this morning. Hair and makeup all done and ready for my induction into Fife College. This will be the first time I have been in an actual school since I was 22 years old. I have got a degree in Childhood and Youth Studies however, I did this with the Open University which took ages and I only rocked up at a University building when I needed to take an exam. This will be the start of me training to be a primary school teacher. I have reduced my hours so much at work and am sacrificing a lot to do this but it’s what I want to do. I love children and inspiring them. Even if I become that crazy teacher with the tattoos when they talk to their parents. Who am I kidding. I see a collection of cardigans and wacky coloured tights in my future :). I just have to make it through Maths as I am pretty bad with Maths as numbers and my head just don’t seem to go together. I have a plan though. The husband is amazing at Maths and I will make him use his brilliance to help me pass! Everything else looks pretty good and may be a review of what I have already done before. Watch this space.

So yesterday, sorry bout the short post as I was too tired to write anything from my brain, was interesting. So we had to take the dogs and the cat to the vet. The cat was fine. Apparently she looks really good for an almost 11-year-old. Still taking out various wildlife and bringing them back while kicking ass and taking names. Angus wasn’t too bad. Just told to brush his teeth. This is going to be a right issue as it takes two people to do this by holding him down while I violate his personal space with a dog-tooth brush. Good times. He is not too fat or too thin he is just right. This was a big thumbs up happy moment as we had to put him on a diet. While celebrating this and going yes the husband and I got news that we didn’t expect. Merida our wee cairn has now become the fat one. Jebus. What is wrong with these dogs? apparently even though she is mega super active she has been stealing food including but not limited to: sausage rolls, steak bridies, donuts, crisps and biscuits. She has now been put on a diet and we are keeping an eye out for her stealing. The small one knows not to give her food but she is a crafty little scamp.

After that amazing revelation what else could go wrong? Well the toilet flooding the bathroom that’s what! So after weeks of going ‘what the hell are you flushing down the toilet to stop it up?’ Continuously trying to unclog it with a plunger and various chemicals it decided to flood the bathroom through the bottom of the toilet. Nope it wasn’t from the top but from the bottom. I had to call the council to get an emergency plumber who came within a few hours and fixed it. The issue? A faulty seal in the waste pipe had gotten dislodged and was blocking it. Thank goodness for that. If he had found anything weird like I was expecting I would have denied knowing anything about this at all. I might be a bit too happy that it is now resolved as it was extremely annoying and disgusting. I actually flushed it a fair few times just to watch it not clog. Sad.


So today after being at college this morning I wasn’t going to exercise however, we you get a Snapchat back from one of your fitness heroes giving you a virtual fist bump you have to carry on. Which I did and this was the result. The other result being how runny my makeup actually was. Bad lighting saves you from this shocking view. Maybe another day. Well that is all I can muster for today.

Keep getting up.

Tomorrow is another day.

Day-17 Strength

Today I completed a low impact workout with weights. Hooray. My Achilles tendon wasn’t hurting. I need bed so a better post tomorrow. Keep smiling. Keep your head up. 

Keep getting up.

Tomorrow is another day.

Day 16- Walking. Pokémon. Creepy Pokémon. Level up.


So this morning. Yep this morning what a palaver. I woke up at 5am with stomach cramps feeling sick. This was due to the lovely work buffet that I ate yesterday. The food was really good especially the homemade sausage rolls and tablet! So yum. However, I must have ate something that doesn’t agree with my stomach (but no chocolate or ice cream) which set off the old IBS and acid reflux :(. I have had the tests for food intolerance and they couldn’t find anything except that I have a underactive thyroid which caused my skin on my hand to peel and me to fall asleep randomly as so tired. Any who after interrupted sleep until 6:45am I got up and went for my shower announcing to the children that it was time to get up for school. My hubby’s lovely mum stayed the night last night as I work till 9pm on a Monday so I needed to take her home. (Cheers Stagecoach Fife for changing the bus timetables!) My daughter left the house without a kiss or cuddle. Well disappointed. The impending doom of becoming a teenager.

I needed my eyebrows done. They were becoming untamable beasties but when I got into town it was well too early so I decided that I would do my low impact exercise for the day. Which meant going for a walk. Now, because I have the Pokémon app on my phone and was so close to getting 50,000 star dust I figured I would turn it on and hit some Pokestops for about an hour as the eyebrow place opened at 10am. As you can see from the data above I didn’t stop at an hour. I went a roaming walking through the glen, up hills, down hills and past the palace. I went literally everywhere I could to get the mini beasts. I hatched two eggs. One being a Bulbasaur (get in!) the other being a stupid Volbat. I did however reach my target steps for the day and the stardust. I also still got my eyebrows tamed. Also in regards to the subject of Pokémon my husband caught me the most hideous, unnerving and creepy Pokémon to ever exist and it is only available in Europe. I give to you Mr. Mime!


Who in their right mind would make this character up. He haunts my nightmares. In your head just say Mr. Mime in a really creepy voice. Like Mister Miiimmee. Shivers I tell you. Pure shivers. I still took down two gyms today so booyah I am so productive.

I did come home after the walk this morning feeling pretty chuffed with myself. So I did some calculations to see how many of the Pokémon I could power up then level up. I made a list. Powered up some. Got my Lucky Egg on the go. Then started evolving them to my heart’s content. Boom up from a level 17 to a level 20. This is the way to do it kids. Just catch all the Pokémon you can. Power up the little monsters then Lucky Egg them to death while evolving as many as possible. Job done.

So I still can’t believe that I burned that many calories with out running or jumping. Brilliant. So after all that work I figured that I would watch a movie so I watched Suffragette. A really good film about British Women’s rights; especially the vote. It had me in tears at some points. The only thing was that the end was quite abrupt other than that a good watch. It made me a bit sad that I do not vote. There is a massive reason for this. 1. I no longer live in the USA and haven’t for 12 1/2 years and feel it isn’t my place to have a say in a country I will for all intents and purposes never live in again (holidays good, living no). I feel that this takes away from other people who need to have a say there. 2. I can’t vote here. I have indefinite leave to remain but no citizenship yet. Why might you ask? It is too expensive for us at the moment. I would love to but I just can’t afford it the now. Instead my hubby does the voting and to be honest we have the same viewpoints so I am happy with his vote. When I can afford citizenship (also when I know if I need to apply for UK or Scottish citizenship. Who really knows. Bloody Brexit!) I will be going for it.

Unfortunately, after this I had a small bout of narcolepsy from not sleeping so well last night and woke back up after an hours sleep. No housework completed. Fail! I did end up watching The Martian which I really liked. When I heard that it won for best comedy I was like whhhaaa? After watching it there was some completely funny moments which was better than some comedies that I have seen lately. I especially love the space pirate explanation. We can all be pirates in space, yaaaarrrr! I would recommend this movie to anyone as I think it is something most people would enjoy. After all this I am totally mentally exhausted. I have to do it all over again tomorrow so I will wish you a fond adieu and be off to my bed.

Keep getting up.

Tomorrow is another day.

PS. Mister Mimmmmeeeeee. Cringe. Nightmares.



Day 15- Unicorns I Love Them.


So today’s makeup. Rainbow highlighter. It’s like a unicorn licked my face. Rainbows and unicorns make me happy. I also wore pigtails today. Dress how you would like to feel not how you are feeling. No exercise besides a quick walk around the car park on my break. Still no chocolate or ice cream has been across these lips. 49 days to go.

Get back up.

Tomorrow is another day.

Day 12 and 13- No internet; my poor Achilles

So this was my shot from yesterday. Unfortunately there was an outage in the area and we didn’t have internet from 1:30pm so no post. No, I do not have mobile internet as I live in a village were the phone signal sucks big time. If I was one of my customers I would say how can this happen in the 21st century? Well it does as nothing is perfect especially electrical equipment and technology. So there. How bout them apples?

I digress I went to Pilates yesterday morning which was lovely and stretched out everything. Well everything except my Achilles. I limped my way to minor injuries where, even though I had fallen in a hole two days before said I should have went to my GP instead as I had minor pain for a few weeks before falling. Do you know how long it takes to see my GP? Two weeks! Two weeks unless you get up before the oldies and speed dial the hell out of the phone when they open to possibly get a same day appointment. Well they did let me see a nurse who advised that it was Achilles tendinitis and no jumping or running till it has healed. I also should do physio which can be found online. 

Low impact, core and strength for the now. None last night as being mostly dependent on You Tube for my videos. I did have 45 mins in the morning so not a total loss. Best thing was my daughter paid attention to me and we talked and watched the Olympics, Coach Trip, Don’t Tell The Bride and Say Yes To The Dress UK. There is so much to say about an Internet free night. Family bonding. Woot! I went to bed before it came back on so no post.

After that relatively good sleep last night I awoke at 8:00 this morning. Well early for a day off. However activities had been planned for the frog spawn. Today the husband and I would take the children to the driving range to hit balls. The wee un was well excited for this while the eldest showed contempt with her bored arms crossed stance. Golf clubs in the car and away we went. It wasn’t a completely braw day but nice enough this morning. 200 balls we bought. 50 each. I know what you’re thinking. Those kids won’t hit all them balls. And your right. Mr Z loved it and made it through a fair few balls before getting tired (they didn’t go very far……shhhh!). While her royal highness princess V got irritated at ball 19 at which point she retired to her phone stating it was boring and she would never do it again! (She wasn’t too bad for her first time however, she is a very competive person) I was left to hit the rest of them. Which who would have though there would be so much calorie burn? I hit a lot of balls between 100 -150 yards. I only miss swung a couple which was not too shabby. 

Lunch after that in the clubhouse. Brilliant food. Scottish buffalo burger with curly fries. Yum! Loud 6 year old, grumpy 11 year old and husband. Ack. I don’t think there has been one family outing where they haven’t argued or the small one hasn’t yelled the place down. Can’t take them anywhere. Including shopping for food after. I know that I shouldn’t do that yet I do and that’s on me. I swear next week I’m not taking any of the children (this includes the husband) shopping. It usually ends in tears. Mine of course. All the palaver and we did make it home in one piece with all the shopping and both kids. 

Next week archery with the eldest. Let’s see how this goes. 

Must keep getting back up.

Tomorrow is another day.

Day 11-Back to School Day!

 I had to kick it hard today with @yaboymillhoy to combat the pizza I had promised the children after their first day of school. The eldest started high school today. Do I look old enough for this?! No pictures as I would only get grumpy faces so I will wait for the school to capture their lovely faces and save my photos for the special happy family moments and accomplishments.

Notice I have fine hair so the flipping sweat makes me look and feel bald ☹ I am very self conscious of my hair. I fear thin hair and losing it all or having a massive forehead. I may have a distorted view of myself. 

 On a positive note I saw a post today where a woman fought to get back up so that she walk down the aisle at her wedding and dance. She put herself through months of mental and physical pain to do this. It is a brilliant example of just getting back up. Whether it is a physical or emotional disability we have we have to work to be strong. It’s OK to lean on others for support as no one can do this on their own. I have tried and it is too hard. Which is why I am writing all this down. I like to talk a lot but I don’t like to talk about how I’m feeling. So I need an outlet for what is going on in my head as well as to remind me that I can do this. I can be strong. This woman can get back up.

Day 8- The Day of the Garden and a Short Workout


So up this morning relatively early for a day which I don’t have to work or do the school run. This was in aid of taking the husband to his hospital appointment, a follow-up from his ear surgery two weeks ago. The surgeon was as funny as ever commenting on my knitting sugar skull tattoo with it is nice reminds me of burritos and I like burritos. What a jovial positive person. I like that in a surgeon or doctor makes news a bit easier. It wasn’t too good news though. A CT scan and one possibly two more surgeries for him however, the surgeon is quite confident that his hearing will be restored once this is finished. A small price to pay not to lose something that is so important to all of us. He is now worrying about it to say the least. I am being positive saying that we won’t worry about it until we find out there is something to worry about and at this time there is not. The surgeon said he hoped it would be a simple removal of a polyp however my husband is a very complicated man and it turned out to be a bit more than that.

All we can do is wait. So once we got home from that and picking up the kids I decided that it was warm enough and I had to get rid of the jungle. The jungle was getting so bad that I was loosing both my dogs in its lush greenery. I was two weeks away from dressing up the dogs has lions and selling tickets to come see it. The husband got put back to bed as he had to work night shift and the surgeon did something to his ear with some silver nitrate. Oooh burny. Three hours it took me to get the garden to the state above. I mowed. I strimmed. I cut. I fell in a hole the dogs had dug trying to get to the other side of the world. I found the dreaded vine coming over the fence is in fact a blackberry bush. Yum, blackberries. I hate you bush. I hacked it to bits. I don’t care about blackberry cobbler you must die!

So that was done with a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Blood, cause every time I reset the strimmer a piece would fly into my leg and give me a small hole. Sweat, cause it was just bloody hot you know! Tears, stupid sweat in my eyes. I bet I have a stupid tan line as well arrrgh. Oh well the first stage has been done as you can see there is still rocks piled up I have to get rid of them. No clue what I am going to do. At the moment what I am going to do is get rid of the rubbish and move the rocks to a corner. Anybody want some rocks?

After this I successfully made the frog spawn some lasagna. Got the little one in for a bath and sent them to bed. I then decided no I won’t miss my exercise for today. I’ll just do a shorter one. So a 20 minute ab workout will be fine. No. Just no. I couldn’t give it anymore than I did after the gardening. Just so spent. I guess 200 calories isn’t so bad and I was still so sweaty. The picture doesn’t do it justice I was well sweaty and drippy. Bed is calling me with twinkle twinkle little bat, how I wonder where you’re at.

Goodnight all

Tomorrow is another day (A school day! Whaaat?!)

Just Get Up