Get up Day 2


So I was up this morning at 6:45 after going to sleep at about 1:30am. It was a day of waiting. I took a quick shower before the joiner and plumber came to sort our shower out. Regulated to the comfort of the living room with the dogs I flaked out about four times before the shower was done at about 2pm. I am now the proud renter of a flat with a decent shower and I can now take baths without another shower head hitting me in the face or doing chinese water torture on me while I try to relax with the incessant dripping of cold water on my head! Lush bath bombs here we come!

As I was watching the Olympics (today’s coverage of the women’s and men’s time trial, kayaking, Judo, archery and equestrian) totally wishing I was that sporty; I didn’t get to exercising until 7pm. Today I decided I would do 20 mins hard-core standing abs courtesy of Millionare Hoy on You Tube. I would totally recommend his workouts as they are hard but well worth it. His banter keeps your mind off how much longer this is going to take and focuses you on your goal. Cheers for the sweat. Tomorrow’s goal is a morning workout and another day without chocolate or ice cream. One day at a time. I will just keep getting up.



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