Day 3 Lazy Day

So this morning was a bust. Didn’t go to sleep till 1:30am again. Let’s say plumbing issues. I spent most of my morning watching a whole ITV series called Brief Encounters. It’s about women who sell Ann Summers in the 80s and their personal lives. It was really good. However, due to this I didn’t get my exercise in until 5:30pm. Lazy person. 40 mins this time. I felt I could have went harder. Ack. Better luck next time. My food though has been horrible today in which I mean I only ate once and had some small snacks. I think this may be due to my lazy nature again today. Head was just not in it at all. But I still got up and the results are shown above. Yes I am wearing the same shirt as yesterday. I have 3 for volunteering with the kiddle winkles at Sky Living for Sport day out. It’s amazing by the way having a bunch of top notch athletes and and some screaming kids playing different sports.  Really gets you in the feels. 

Tomorrow is another day!


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