Day 4- A day with two workouts!


So yet again I found myself up last night watching the Olympics. Team GB is doing fantastically well and I have been glued to the telly. Even though this is only my adopted country I choose to support the British team rather than for the USA as it has always been expected that Team USA would win medals. Britain, not so much. I find that in this country their is plenty of oportunities to rise above what is seen to be your station by using s ports. Sports in this country seem to be accessible to all walks of life if you want to try it. Some may be more expensive than others but if  you have a dream and a goal you can succeed as there are funding places available which is absolutely amazing. Just in my daughter’s primary school she was able to try fencing which was something I would have never thought of trying when I was her age as I saw this a sport for the rich. This sort of accessibility to sport is something I feel that the USA is lacking in and needs to get better at. Hopefully one day this will happen. For the moment and the foreseeable future I will be rooting for my adopted country, thecountry of my husband and my children; Great Britain and Scotland.

Going back to the original topic I ended getting up at 7am after going to sleep at 1am again. I wandered to the bathroom and yet again the toilet was blocked. I don’t know what them kids flushed down the toilet but it was stuck good. This meant that I ended up rushing my shower and driving into town to get a plunger and drain unblocker. I swear to god if that thing blocks again I’m calling the Council to get them to sort out the drains. I think that this flat has a drainage problem grrrrr. I digress. After that I made it to Pilates for my 45 minute class. I enjoy Pilates as it helps me to walk after having severe sciatica and back issues after my youngest frog spawn was born. Stretching and lots of core strengthing later I came back to the house where I proceeded to flake out on the sofa, again. After coming to and getting his royal nibs up we sorted out my car insurance. A completely dull job you might think however, when you get the quote down by £30 just by negotiating with them that is a total fist bump, high five kinda moment. Boo Yah in your face insurance company!

After getting the husband to complete this momentus task and seeing him off to work I felt like I should get up to complete my daily chores after watching some more British wins on the Olympics. Did I? Did I hell I flaked out again. I must have the most comfy sofa ever made the amount of times that I have been flaking out on it currently. When I woke up from this nap I proceeded to feed and water the spawn, hung up the clothes and washed the dishes before completing another 35 minutes worth of exercising as shown in the above picture. Whereas I love my Microsoft Band 2 I am sure I must of have burned more calories as I was sweating so much. It might have been due to the weights though as my heart rate drops when I do weights. Yet again I totally recommend Millionare Hoy when it comes to free exercise videos on You Tube. He has some monthly challenge ones which will keep you going as well as there are some beginner workouts and he always shows a lower level option in the top right hand corner. This is good for me as I cannot jump due to my weight and back issues. Well that is a completion of four days of exercising. One more day this week then a rest day on Sunday which I will still supply a picture for my daily selfie and maybe a different kind of blog.

Remember to always Get Up!


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