Day 5 Blisters and All


Day 5 and I am still at it albeit in the evenings and not the mornings. I was up at a sort of decent time 9am. After acquiring two sets of golf  clubs for the princely sum of £45 I decided that they needed to be used. So I got up took a shower and put on my golfing attire while trying to get the mister and two children ready and out the door. Unfortunately this is one thing that takes minutes if not hours to happen. So after being up and dressed by 10am we were out the door at…..12:15. Once the munchkins were safely deposited at their Granny’s and the car’s thirst met at the petrol station we were off.

We arrived at the golf clubhouse at 1pm at which point we manoeuvred ourselves and golf clubs in to get a place at the driving range. What I found out about my swing: 1. I really can’t use a 1 wood worth anything the ball tends to bounce across the grass; 2. If I look at the ball constantly while swinging I am more likely to hit it (boo yah); 3. We go through 100 golf balls really quickly; 4. Gloves. Gloves are necessary if you don’t want a hole in your left hand which stings a lot! and 5. I actually like it!  Next week it is down with the whole clan…..Lets see how this goes.

After 45 minutes of driving balls we had a quick bite to eat and after a really quick shop the little angels (monsters) were collected. Back home again and another workout session. 35 minutes of pure sweat. Does that count as too workouts? I dunno but I am knackered and have to be at work in the morning by 9am yay! Another 12 hour shift. I am sure I will be too tired to exercise tomorrow evening however I am confident I will still get up. It still isn’t easy but I am getting there.

Tomorrow is another day!

Remember to keep getting up!


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