Day 11-Back to School Day!

 I had to kick it hard today with @yaboymillhoy to combat the pizza I had promised the children after their first day of school. The eldest started high school today. Do I look old enough for this?! No pictures as I would only get grumpy faces so I will wait for the school to capture their lovely faces and save my photos for the special happy family moments and accomplishments.

Notice I have fine hair so the flipping sweat makes me look and feel bald ☹ I am very self conscious of my hair. I fear thin hair and losing it all or having a massive forehead. I may have a distorted view of myself. 

 On a positive note I saw a post today where a woman fought to get back up so that she walk down the aisle at her wedding and dance. She put herself through months of mental and physical pain to do this. It is a brilliant example of just getting back up. Whether it is a physical or emotional disability we have we have to work to be strong. It’s OK to lean on others for support as no one can do this on their own. I have tried and it is too hard. Which is why I am writing all this down. I like to talk a lot but I don’t like to talk about how I’m feeling. So I need an outlet for what is going on in my head as well as to remind me that I can do this. I can be strong. This woman can get back up.


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