Day 12 and 13- No internet; my poor Achilles

So this was my shot from yesterday. Unfortunately there was an outage in the area and we didn’t have internet from 1:30pm so no post. No, I do not have mobile internet as I live in a village were the phone signal sucks big time. If I was one of my customers I would say how can this happen in the 21st century? Well it does as nothing is perfect especially electrical equipment and technology. So there. How bout them apples?

I digress I went to Pilates yesterday morning which was lovely and stretched out everything. Well everything except my Achilles. I limped my way to minor injuries where, even though I had fallen in a hole two days before said I should have went to my GP instead as I had minor pain for a few weeks before falling. Do you know how long it takes to see my GP? Two weeks! Two weeks unless you get up before the oldies and speed dial the hell out of the phone when they open to possibly get a same day appointment. Well they did let me see a nurse who advised that it was Achilles tendinitis and no jumping or running till it has healed. I also should do physio which can be found online. 

Low impact, core and strength for the now. None last night as being mostly dependent on You Tube for my videos. I did have 45 mins in the morning so not a total loss. Best thing was my daughter paid attention to me and we talked and watched the Olympics, Coach Trip, Don’t Tell The Bride and Say Yes To The Dress UK. There is so much to say about an Internet free night. Family bonding. Woot! I went to bed before it came back on so no post.

After that relatively good sleep last night I awoke at 8:00 this morning. Well early for a day off. However activities had been planned for the frog spawn. Today the husband and I would take the children to the driving range to hit balls. The wee un was well excited for this while the eldest showed contempt with her bored arms crossed stance. Golf clubs in the car and away we went. It wasn’t a completely braw day but nice enough this morning. 200 balls we bought. 50 each. I know what you’re thinking. Those kids won’t hit all them balls. And your right. Mr Z loved it and made it through a fair few balls before getting tired (they didn’t go very far……shhhh!). While her royal highness princess V got irritated at ball 19 at which point she retired to her phone stating it was boring and she would never do it again! (She wasn’t too bad for her first time however, she is a very competive person) I was left to hit the rest of them. Which who would have though there would be so much calorie burn? I hit a lot of balls between 100 -150 yards. I only miss swung a couple which was not too shabby. 

Lunch after that in the clubhouse. Brilliant food. Scottish buffalo burger with curly fries. Yum! Loud 6 year old, grumpy 11 year old and husband. Ack. I don’t think there has been one family outing where they haven’t argued or the small one hasn’t yelled the place down. Can’t take them anywhere. Including shopping for food after. I know that I shouldn’t do that yet I do and that’s on me. I swear next week I’m not taking any of the children (this includes the husband) shopping. It usually ends in tears. Mine of course. All the palaver and we did make it home in one piece with all the shopping and both kids. 

Next week archery with the eldest. Let’s see how this goes. 

Must keep getting back up.

Tomorrow is another day.


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