Day 16- Walking. Pokémon. Creepy Pokémon. Level up.


So this morning. Yep this morning what a palaver. I woke up at 5am with stomach cramps feeling sick. This was due to the lovely work buffet that I ate yesterday. The food was really good especially the homemade sausage rolls and tablet! So yum. However, I must have ate something that doesn’t agree with my stomach (but no chocolate or ice cream) which set off the old IBS and acid reflux :(. I have had the tests for food intolerance and they couldn’t find anything except that I have a underactive thyroid which caused my skin on my hand to peel and me to fall asleep randomly as so tired. Any who after interrupted sleep until 6:45am I got up and went for my shower announcing to the children that it was time to get up for school. My hubby’s lovely mum stayed the night last night as I work till 9pm on a Monday so I needed to take her home. (Cheers Stagecoach Fife for changing the bus timetables!) My daughter left the house without a kiss or cuddle. Well disappointed. The impending doom of becoming a teenager.

I needed my eyebrows done. They were becoming untamable beasties but when I got into town it was well too early so I decided that I would do my low impact exercise for the day. Which meant going for a walk. Now, because I have the Pokémon app on my phone and was so close to getting 50,000 star dust I figured I would turn it on and hit some Pokestops for about an hour as the eyebrow place opened at 10am. As you can see from the data above I didn’t stop at an hour. I went a roaming walking through the glen, up hills, down hills and past the palace. I went literally everywhere I could to get the mini beasts. I hatched two eggs. One being a Bulbasaur (get in!) the other being a stupid Volbat. I did however reach my target steps for the day and the stardust. I also still got my eyebrows tamed. Also in regards to the subject of Pokémon my husband caught me the most hideous, unnerving and creepy Pokémon to ever exist and it is only available in Europe. I give to you Mr. Mime!


Who in their right mind would make this character up. He haunts my nightmares. In your head just say Mr. Mime in a really creepy voice. Like Mister Miiimmee. Shivers I tell you. Pure shivers. I still took down two gyms today so booyah I am so productive.

I did come home after the walk this morning feeling pretty chuffed with myself. So I did some calculations to see how many of the Pokémon I could power up then level up. I made a list. Powered up some. Got my Lucky Egg on the go. Then started evolving them to my heart’s content. Boom up from a level 17 to a level 20. This is the way to do it kids. Just catch all the Pokémon you can. Power up the little monsters then Lucky Egg them to death while evolving as many as possible. Job done.

So I still can’t believe that I burned that many calories with out running or jumping. Brilliant. So after all that work I figured that I would watch a movie so I watched Suffragette. A really good film about British Women’s rights; especially the vote. It had me in tears at some points. The only thing was that the end was quite abrupt other than that a good watch. It made me a bit sad that I do not vote. There is a massive reason for this. 1. I no longer live in the USA and haven’t for 12 1/2 years and feel it isn’t my place to have a say in a country I will for all intents and purposes never live in again (holidays good, living no). I feel that this takes away from other people who need to have a say there. 2. I can’t vote here. I have indefinite leave to remain but no citizenship yet. Why might you ask? It is too expensive for us at the moment. I would love to but I just can’t afford it the now. Instead my hubby does the voting and to be honest we have the same viewpoints so I am happy with his vote. When I can afford citizenship (also when I know if I need to apply for UK or Scottish citizenship. Who really knows. Bloody Brexit!) I will be going for it.

Unfortunately, after this I had a small bout of narcolepsy from not sleeping so well last night and woke back up after an hours sleep. No housework completed. Fail! I did end up watching The Martian which I really liked. When I heard that it won for best comedy I was like whhhaaa? After watching it there was some completely funny moments which was better than some comedies that I have seen lately. I especially love the space pirate explanation. We can all be pirates in space, yaaaarrrr! I would recommend this movie to anyone as I think it is something most people would enjoy. After all this I am totally mentally exhausted. I have to do it all over again tomorrow so I will wish you a fond adieu and be off to my bed.

Keep getting up.

Tomorrow is another day.

PS. Mister Mimmmmeeeeee. Cringe. Nightmares.




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