Day 18-New Beginnings


So this is what I looked like this morning. Hair and makeup all done and ready for my induction into Fife College. This will be the first time I have been in an actual school since I was 22 years old. I have got a degree in Childhood and Youth Studies however, I did this with the Open University which took ages and I only rocked up at a University building when I needed to take an exam. This will be the start of me training to be a primary school teacher. I have reduced my hours so much at work and am sacrificing a lot to do this but it’s what I want to do. I love children and inspiring them. Even if I become that crazy teacher with the tattoos when they talk to their parents. Who am I kidding. I see a collection of cardigans and wacky coloured tights in my future :). I just have to make it through Maths as I am pretty bad with Maths as numbers and my head just don’t seem to go together. I have a plan though. The husband is amazing at Maths and I will make him use his brilliance to help me pass! Everything else looks pretty good and may be a review of what I have already done before. Watch this space.

So yesterday, sorry bout the short post as I was too tired to write anything from my brain, was interesting. So we had to take the dogs and the cat to the vet. The cat was fine. Apparently she looks really good for an almost 11-year-old. Still taking out various wildlife and bringing them back while kicking ass and taking names. Angus wasn’t too bad. Just told to brush his teeth. This is going to be a right issue as it takes two people to do this by holding him down while I violate his personal space with a dog-tooth brush. Good times. He is not too fat or too thin he is just right. This was a big thumbs up happy moment as we had to put him on a diet. While celebrating this and going yes the husband and I got news that we didn’t expect. Merida our wee cairn has now become the fat one. Jebus. What is wrong with these dogs? apparently even though she is mega super active she has been stealing food including but not limited to: sausage rolls, steak bridies, donuts, crisps and biscuits. She has now been put on a diet and we are keeping an eye out for her stealing. The small one knows not to give her food but she is a crafty little scamp.

After that amazing revelation what else could go wrong? Well the toilet flooding the bathroom that’s what! So after weeks of going ‘what the hell are you flushing down the toilet to stop it up?’ Continuously trying to unclog it with a plunger and various chemicals it decided to flood the bathroom through the bottom of the toilet. Nope it wasn’t from the top but from the bottom. I had to call the council to get an emergency plumber who came within a few hours and fixed it. The issue? A faulty seal in the waste pipe had gotten dislodged and was blocking it. Thank goodness for that. If he had found anything weird like I was expecting I would have denied knowing anything about this at all. I might be a bit too happy that it is now resolved as it was extremely annoying and disgusting. I actually flushed it a fair few times just to watch it not clog. Sad.


So today after being at college this morning I wasn’t going to exercise however, we you get a Snapchat back from one of your fitness heroes giving you a virtual fist bump you have to carry on. Which I did and this was the result. The other result being how runny my makeup actually was. Bad lighting saves you from this shocking view. Maybe another day. Well that is all I can muster for today.

Keep getting up.

Tomorrow is another day.


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