Day 19 and 20-My Weekend


Another day another workout or two. I did pilates in the morning and then a strength hiit workout in the evening hints all the sweat. I did however forget to stop the Band 2 at the end of my 40 minute workout so the extra is me cooking hot sauce wings and bolonese. Whoops. I bought some new makeup. Took down a Pokemon gym or two and filled out a few emails for school. Totally tired from that so I just went to bed.


Today however, was a mega busy day. First I put on my makeup. Using all the new stuff. If anyone cares I can post what I use on a day-to-day basis which is a mixture of high-end department store, Avon and drugstore makeup. I also ‘baked’ my under eye for the first time today. Hope it looks ok. I totally noticed that it was 9:05 am once I was ready. Oops! Nail appointment at 9:30am. I rushed to town (not speeding…..) and made it just in time to get these lovely mauve unicorn chrome nails. Beautiful. If your ever in Dunfermline the ladies at Nail Creations are lovely. These are by Amy.

After this I had to rush home as we had another appointment at Cluny Clays to do archery with Miss V. Just made it to this on time with my stellar driving again. Archery was amazing and out of the family I won. Get in! Miss V did very well and gives archery a thumbs up but with a pre teen ‘yay’. Not much enthusiasm with this one but she wants to try a course to get better. Another round at the driving range again and a lot of calories burned. Exercise for the day. Tick. We are booked in for a tutoring session next week so that we get a good grounding in actually playing the game. They are going to video my swing. Oh Jebus. What have I gotten myself into?!

Tomorrow a new makeup kit by NikkieTutorials launches at Debenhams. I am totally on that. The Power of Makeup kit by Too Faced. It’s £50 of loveliness. I am looking forward to having something new to play with :), If anyone wants a video ask and I will provide. Anywho, I have a ton of stuff to do before bed including starting on a sweater or something for my almost three-year old niece. Not much in the way of down period in regards to my bipolar. A wee bit of anxiety from going to college for the first time in ages but no tears, etc. Every day is another challenge.

Keep Getting Up!

Tomorrow is Another Day!



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