The Week in Review

I’m getting really good at this selfie thing aren’t I? Well it has been a busy week. Started by going to work on Sunday where I got a lovely henna tattoo by Henna by Shireen. Who is absolutely amazing as she set up the whole event in aid of Cancer Research UK a brilliant charity. I hope they raised loads of money. 😊

Monday I went into the local primary school. I will hopefully restart volunteering this coming Monday. I miss those children at the school as they are all lovely. Also it was a work day so another wonderful day. You can take that how you would like. Lol.

So Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday. First day at college. Started with The Human Body. The lecturer started talking and I realised I have done this before. In fact quite recently. I totally have this. Psychology I’m not really sure about. We did a group project which was timed. I imagine that this is so our lecturer could get the measure of us. I found I am very detail orientated and a bit of a perfectionist. I was doing the poster and wasn’t quite happy with it. Oh well. That evening was my first night time pilates session. A whole hour of stretching. It was actually amazing. I have found I’m a lot more flexible in the evening. Whaaaaa?

This leads us to Wednesday. Two classes on Wednesday. Communications a Literature as well as Maths. Want to guess which one I like more. Well it ain’t Maths. I feel I am still horrible at it and am scared stiff of the exam I need to pass to get into Uni. I’m gonna have to get my head down. No exercise that day as I passed out on the sofa from the sheer excitement of Maths. 

Thursday. College was cancelled for the day. I took a nap on the sofa. Gave myself a headache. Exercised with said headache and completed my Maths homework. Very eventful. Not really.

So this is Friday. I decided to put on rainbows today including eye makeup. History today. I love history so much and look forward to the two hours a week. Scottish history for the first part of the course. American history for the second part. Whose got this. Well that would be me. I had a meeting with a support team for people with disabilities today. I let them know about the bipolar disorder as well as the loss of grip due to having carpal tunnel syndrome and the surgery. It keeps me from writing with any pen or pencil for long periods of time. I am fortunate that typing doesn’t set it off as I don’t have to grip. I have the grip of a small child. It makes my handwriting look like it’s getting drunk the longer I write. Fun times. It just means I need rest breaks during exams to stretch my hands. 

Maths again this afternoon. Wasn’t too bad if by bad you mean a wee bit less painful than a root canal. Homework again 😭 At least we got to leave early today. Which meant that I could go to WHS and spend more money on school supplies yay. 

Have a look at the calorie burn today. Not too shabby as low impact. 👊 Anywho, that’s enough for today. Golf lesson tomorrow. It will be fun. 😊

Keep getting up!

Believe in yourself!

Tomorrow is Another day.☄🦄

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