This is a blog about myself, my thoughts and whatever life has in store for me. I am going to try and make this fun however, there will be times where I might not be able to so I’ll probably throw in some sparkly nails or a drawing to break it all up.  Anywho I am an immigrant/ex pat American living in Scotland with my Scottish husband and my two Scottish children plus two Scottish dogs and a Scottish cat. Yep everything around me is Scottish! I am 35 at present and have been diagnosed with Bipolar for 20 years possibly only coping better for the last 4 even though it is still a daily struggle. I have quite a few tattoo and I love knitting as it is very relaxing and creative. I am starting a new journey attempting to train as a primary school teacher so will definitely be blogging about that. I am quite random so anything in my head may become part of this blog such like geeky stuff, food, exercise and antidotes of a humours or odd nature. This will be where my brain oozes onto the Internet :). Please keep positive with any comments as this is a positive space where negativity is not welcome. Hope you enjoy! Love, sparkles and unicorns x


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